THE Chakra balancing & energy activation Massage

The chakra balancing & energy activation massage has been influenced by thousand year old techniques, that have worked, and a twist of modern day creation. It is healing and educational.

This relaxing massage is created to heal the body and create a balance between mind, body, and spirit. It takes a more holistic approach—aiming to relieve emotional stress more than physical stress. It concentrates on activating the energy in the body, balancing the chakra and leaving you with a protective energy field for the day.

The practitioner will take you on a relaxing 75 min journey buy using tools such as sound bowl, essential oils, visualization, chanting and massage energy activation techniques. One of the technique used is Ayurvedic massages, this massage therapy that dates back to 3000 BCE (or earlier) in India. It was considered a sacred system of natural healing. The Ayurvedic massage are done with medicated herbal oils, we use essential oils that are chosen for each chakra and massaged to the skin in the corresponding location of the chakra. In the room a diffuser is used with essential oils to give aromatic therapeutic benefits and by adding oil to the massage it allows it to enter through the skin to give many benefits such as – aid in pain relief in your muscles, increase lymphatic movement, as well as boost your immune and circulatory systems.

What to Expect from an Omni massage

The second technique used is Thai massage. This originated from approximately 2,500 years. They use pressure along the sen lines in the body. There are six major energy lines on the legs, six major lines on the arms, and four major lines on the back, along with several lines on both feet and hands. If they are blocked, health problems develop. Unblocking this energy flow results in improved health. For our spiritual massage, throughout your session we will massage along the sen lines to activate this life force flow energy.

Omni Massage in Orleans

Third techniques used are Reflexology and Marma points. Reflexology is a non abrasive technique used on feet and hands. Light pressure is applied to specific reflex points that relate to each chakra. These points correspond to organs and areas of the body. This reflexology treatment will induce a healing response to the whole body.

Marma points will be activated in a calm Indian head massage. Marma points are like mini-chakras and are known as the vital, secret energy points in the body.The Marma points are massaged with gentle, brisk, circular movements using either the thumb, index or middle finger. This stimulating technique has a direct affect on the circulation of blood, lymph and will leave you calm minded in a state of relaxation.

Fourth technique, Energy Healing and chakra education. The practitioner will educate and guide you through each chakra by visualization and chanting. Understanding that the receiver best absorbs the information if they use both sides of the brain. As the right side of the brain is creativity, intuition and inner peace with the left brain’s analytical and strategy building functions.

Chakra means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body that correspond to specific nerve bundles, internal organs and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being. There are 114 chakra in the human body but we will concentrate on educating you on the 7 major chakras which are the main energy points that run down the spine. Also chanting will be used as it is a powerful way to activate and balance your chakras. The vibration of the sound can help to clear blockages and promote the flow of energy through your energy centers.

We are excited to be able to educate all who want to learn about their spiritual side. We believe that these powerful techniques used to create the chakra balancing & energy activation massage will leave you feeling relaxed, energized and informed.

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Marma therapy Benefits

  • removes energy blockages and improves energy flow
  • releases and eliminates stored wastes and toxins
  • helps release stored negative emotions
  • helps with stress reduction (calms the mind and emotions)
  • eases fatigue and helps energise
  • helps restore doshic balance
  • treats specific health issues
  • maintains health and aids prophylaxis
  • assists rejuvenation therapy
  • gives pain relief


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