Ashiatsu massage originated in Asian culture almost 3,000 years ago. Japanese, ashi means foot, and atsu means pressure; translates to foot pressure.  In Ashiatsu massage the practitioner use their bare feet to apply deep compressor, long gliding strokes and assisted stretching. You may think walking on your body may be intense, painful, or even scary.  But don’t worry the Ashiatsu practitioner have full control over how your body is treated, as they control the weight applied by supporting themselves to bars attached to ceiling. Ashiatsu massage is a deep tissue technique used to provide pressure on the muscles to help elongate them. A great muscle release! 


Prior to start of session the practitioner will determine your body’s needs and goals. This massage is done on a table with oil, gel, or cream. You will be asked to remove all clothing and go between sheets laying face down on table.  Pillow will be placed under your feet for the best comfort and you’ll be draped securely.  Your session start with the application of lotion or oil,  then your practitioner will balance oneself and control the amount of body weight applied. Proceeding with compression of full back body and stretching your legs or compressing your shoulders, gliding on your forearms and out-turned thighs/calves too!  No worries you are not going to have your stomach stepped.  The practitioner will let the heels, arches, and balls of the feet sink into your muscles, and from there you’ll communicate the right amount of pressure.The broad pressure of the feet can cover a larger surface area than a pair of hands, thereby accessing an entire muscle group at one time. Ashiatsu massage is used for both relaxation and therapeutic massage. Different techniques allow the therapist to meet the needs of the client.


  • Relaxes the muscles by elongating the fibres;
  • Helps to drain toxins from the lymphatic system;
  • Improves posture and range of motion;
  • Helps to reduce chronic muscle pain.
  • Boost circulation and promotes restful sleep

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