Holistic nutrition is the preventative practice of fuelling your mind, body and spirit in a way to support its optimal function. It is a practice that encourages you to get back to the basics of eating whole foods, listening to, and honouring your body with movement and lifestyle changes. What separates the concepts of holistic nutrition with other nutritional school thoughts, is simply that we believe and honour that the mind body and spirit are all somehow connected to your overall wellness.

Holistic Nutrition


Our goal is to empower you to transform your life by listening to your body’s cues, insights and intuitions.  By implementing various techniques and tools that will help you create a healthy relationship with yourself and food.  We will support you in changing the way that you currently think and feel around food, eating and your body. 

We will use strategies to help you navigate the plethora of often contradictory information available by staying up to date on industry research from reputable sources. Providing relevant meaningful nutritional lifestyle advice and suggestions that will benefit your health and wellness. 

You will learn to replace automatic thoughts and reactions with more conscious choices, allowing you to reconnect with eating in an instinctive and supportive way.  With time you will become more at ease with your experiences, physical cues and feelings around food. While developing and nurturing your own inner guidance system and practicing mindfulness around eating. 


What to expect from your Initial Assessment and follow up appointment:

The initial assessment provides an opportunity to meet and learn about your nutritional goals and struggles, discuss any relevant health matters and to identify opportunities for change. You will have an option to add a quick (IgG) approved food intolerance test that will pin point and disclose your food intolerances.  You will be asked to record a one-week food log prior to meeting, and we will discuss your personal health history.  Our goal is to view your unique situation from a different perspective and identify obstacles that may be preventing you from reaching your goals.  With this information, the nutritionist will create an individualized nutrition and wellness plan.  This will include your personal recommendations, additional nutrition information that supports your plan, grocery list, menu plans, recipes, and supplement recommendations.


Follow up appointments:

The initial follow-up includes the presentation of your nutrition and wellness plan with the opportunity to ask questions to understand your plan.  

Each additional follow-up involves a review of your progress, identifying obstacles and creating a plan to move forward towards your goals.


Our promise to you as your Holistic Nutrition:

We will listen to you and provide a safe environment to discuss your health history and unique story around food, dieting, eating, your body and how it currently affects your life and your health. 

We will help you become clear on what is best for you and your body by deciphering and determining the best nutrition protocols for your lifestyle. 

We will take you through the process of learning how to nourish your mind and body with a healthy and sustainable approach to nutrition and wellness. 

We will support you in providing accountability and guidance as you journey towards creating a healthy relationship with yourself and food. 

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