Holistic nutrition is the preventative practice of fuelling your mind, body and spirit in a way to support its optimal function. It is a practice that encourages you to get back to the basics of eating whole foods, listening to, and honouring your body with movement and lifestyle changes. What separates the concepts of holistic nutrition with other nutritional school thoughts, is simply that we believe and honour that the mind body and spirit are all somehow connected to your overall wellness.

Holistic Nutrition

Our Holistic Nutritionist will help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals: 

From reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, to fixing your unhealthy cravings and teaching you how to incorporate real nutritious food into your daily meal plan.

Holistic nutrition counselling encompasses two major scopes: correct nutritional assessment and healthy communication. 

1 – By correct nutritional assessment we mean: a full body composition test, a review of your recent blood tests, your food and nutrient intake, your exercise level and your weight history. Also, we will test your food intolerances using a scientifically approved food intolerance (IgG) test. 

Based on the results of the thorough assessment, we will move on to preparing a personalized meal plan for you to follow. The meal plan will be based on your:

  • Nutrition and calorie requirements
  • Food intolerances
  • Vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies
  • Food preferences
  • Activity levels

The meal plan will include healthy recipes (all under 30 minutes) which you can use to prepare delicious meals, snacks and desserts. Do not worry, if you are not into cooking, we will just go for the basic plan! 

We will also guide you on your grocery shopping (we can do a virtual or in person tour!).

2Then comes the second scope of the practice: communication. With us, you will feel supported all the time. Whether you are wondering what to eat on your night out, or how to fix your plan after a cheat meal that you have eaten, we will be there.  No worries we are here for your support, any type of communication that will help you stay committed throughout your journey, our Nutritionist is up for it! We can do this together, and eventually you will be strong enough to lead a healthy life by yourself. A lifestyle that make you feel alive, well and whole!

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