SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY – What Is Mental Performance Consulting?

Mental Performance Consulting (MPC) is a practice that encompasses strategies, techniques, and skills through the application of Sports Psychology. It involves the psychological components used to enhance one’s performance, well-being, and health. Mental Performance Consulting is applicable to a variety of fields, professions, and demographics including sport, business, the armed forces, education, coaches, parents, children, and more.

Types of Mental Skills

Here are just a few interventions that can be explored to help a client gain that mental edge on their desired performance standard:

Confidence, self-talk, mindfulness, goal setting

Stress management, emotional control, relaxation

Imagery, time management, distraction control

Leadership, communication, conflict resolution

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What are the Benefits?

Mental Performance Consulting has a vast array of benefits related to mental health and wellness. This practice can provide clients with a deeper sense of self, clarity in their decision-making or desired paths, coping strategies to maintain mental health and balance, develop stronger connections with others, and more. Mental Performance Consulting provides clients with the tools necessary to reach their desired outcomes, whether that be professionally, intellectually, or holistically.

What to Expect in a Session?

Clients can expect interactive, creative, and in-depth one-on-one sessions. Prior to the first session, clients will complete an intake form. The first session is used to determine the mental skill areas the client would like counselling in. The counsellor and client will work together to determine the psychological skills training program in terms of how many sessions and what will be accomplished in each. Clients can expect the counsellor to take notes, use whiteboards, voice recorders, media, and other mediums to implement the client’s needs.


Other Services Provided

  • Workshops
  • Virtual sessions
  • Public speaking & presentations
  • Collaboration
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