Protect yourself from COVID-19 by strengthening your immune system

November 9, 2020

Can you really protection yourself against COVID?

Do you know that out of 10 people who come into contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19, only 6 get invected themselves. Do you want to be one of the 4 who remain healthy? And in the case of infection, do you want to have light symptoms only and develop immunity to the virus?

Let our trained professional, help you beat COVID.

It is well known that the main defence of our bodies is the immune system and the interferon defence mechanism. We become sick only when ours system is weak and we develop immunity to disease when it is strong.

The following factors strengthen our immune system:-

1. Take a good intake of vitamins and microelements.

2. A healthy intestine. This is a very important part of our immune system, which includes: Peyers patches, Appendix, Lymphoepithelial complex as a single or group of lymph nodes. They are responsible for the production of antibodies that defends us against infection.

3. Low level of contamination and toxin in our body. If there is a build up of slagging – the immune system cannot work properly. The clogging of the intercellular blocks cellular respiration and the Krebs Cycle – that is the most important cause of cancer and other diseases. Below is a list of toxin we are referring too.
– GMO products, artificial food additives and preservatives.
– non organic foods (mercury, lead, PCBs and over 130 pesticides)
– air pollution (chemical from factories, car emissions, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide, dust, pollen, mold       spores, and others)
– tape water (fluoride, chlorine, PCBs, mercury, lead, parasites)
– skin care products (phthalates, BPA, tricolsan, parabens)
– household cleaning products (triclosan, phthalates, parabens)
– medications, both recreational and prescription including commonly used ones like corticosteroids, tetracycline    and aspirin.
– Plastic (BPA, PFOA)
– cookware like none stick pans (PFOA)
– prolonged stress, radiation.
– any chronic diseases, parasites.
– alcohol, coffee, ect.

4. An adequate level of everyday physical activity. This is essential because all organs of the immune system (spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, etc.) communicate with each other via chemical signals through blood. If microcirculation is weak, 50% of the blood is kept in reserve, and thus, would not participate in circulation. Chemical signals of the immune system would not be able to reach their targets, which would dramatically decrease the effectiveness of the immune response. On the other hand, during physical exercise, microcirculation increases, blood comes out f the reserves and leukocytes are activity involved in micro and macrocirculation. Chemical signals go fast so the immune organs communicate with each other on time, which increase the immune response.

Our COVID-19 protection program takes all these factors into account! By examining a tiny drop of your blood, we can determine any deficiencies of vitamins and microelements you might have, as well as the level of contaminants in your body. As a result, we can recommend natural vitamin & mineral complexes, a way to detoxify your body, and we will develop an individual Action Plan for you to maintain a high level of health and immune response.

Lets defend yourself and loved ones against COVID-19 together!

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