Is water Alive

May 11, 2023

Water is Alive?

Yes water is alive and it has consciousness.  I was blown away with this discovery that I had to share its magical truth.

Water is the most common substance on earth. It is with us every moment of our lives.  Like the human body the earth contains the same amount of water. On earth, if the quantity of water is reduced or features are changed than life on earth will vanish. 

Just like you, earth is a living dynamic being. It has veins and arteries, water flowing through it which are connected to one large thriving heart, the ocean.  It evaporates water and returns it back through rain falling down on mountain tops again from veins and arteries that return it back to the ocean.  It is this constant water circulation that keeps this earth alive. We are just like the surface of the earth. At least  70% water, heart and 60 thousand miles of veins and arteries.  Water is what gives us life replenishing ourselves in this continuous water cycle. 

Water makes up 60-75% of human body weight. A human body drinks 2.5 litres per day to contain its normal function. 1.5 litres is absorbed through the skin by washing or showering. A loss of just 4% of total body water leads to dehydration, and a loss of 15% can be fatal. Likewise, a person could survive a month without food but wouldn’t survive 3 days without water.

Water holds a special place in all religions and cultures across time. Life began in water. There are organisms on earth that can survive without air but there is none that can without water. Water is the only substance that can exist in all three states, liquid, solid and gasses. 

How do the three states of water exist ?

  • Liquid water is a jumbled bunch of water molecules. It comes out of our faucets, flows underground and in rivers and oceans, and forms clouds and fog in the air. 
  • When water molecules escape from liquid water and float into the air, they turn into an invisible gas called water vapor. The spaces between the molecules are much bigger than the molecules themselves.
  • When water freezes into a solid, it does a strange thing: it floats! (Most other solids become denser and sink.) As ice forms, water molecules arrange themselves neatly in a crystal structure. The empty spaces between the molecules act as flotation devices — the way a life preserver holds you up.

What is water composed of?

Water is a simple molecule composed of two small positively charged hydrogen atoms and one large negatively charged oxygen atom. When the hydrogens bind to the oxygen, it creates an asymmetrical molecule with positive charge on one side and negative charge on the other side. A molecule that is acting on its negative end can attract another molecule at its positive end, and then another molecule. This is how the structure is formed. It is fluid and short lived. You can see stable formations called clusters. It is within these structures that water retains information that it has captured.  Any substance coming into contact with water leaves a trace in the water.  It is no wonder that known to the ancients as a transmitter to and from the higher realms, water retains hidden messages and conveys information to DNA.

Does water have memory?

In 1960 in a closed laboratory in Germany, something explicable happened. A laboratory assistant dropped a vacuum sealed ampule containing poison, into a vessel with distal water.  Trying to conceal her blender she just left it in her water.  The ampule was discovered 3 days later, since it was sealed it did not dispose of any special hazard and the matter was closed.  Later the water was given to laboratory mice and they all died. Immediately the water was tested.  Chemically it proved that it was clean.  This meant that the water without direct contact with the poison somehow adopted its properties.  In other words it received negative info from the poison.  Water is capable of recording and storing information. 

Can water have an identical pattern?

As the water flows down rivers and steep mountain slopes, during the journey down the crystal stream are filled with energy from the sun and the competition of minerals and soil.  The impression of these waters are full of fresh air. These impacts change water structurally but for human beings water remains the same, with no taste , no colour  nor odor. Yet it is impossible to find identical water on earth.  

Water has patterns of circles everywhere, cyclones, tornadoes, waives.  Flow forms oxygenates and reharmonizes water.  In nature it flows naturally but in the cities it flows through miles of long pipes with adding over 1000 manmade chemicals.  Water that comes out of our sink is almost dead when it enters our body.  

Experiment One – Does water have memory?

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who has studied water crystal for 15 years and has conducted numerous experiments on the water to study how it responds to changes in its environment. He says that water has memories.

His researchers captured 50 samples of water specimens that were frozen, after 3 hours the specimens were examined in the lab at -5C.  As temperature rises under the microscope the crystal starts to grow and expand. The researcher catches its image on camera before it returns to liquid state. Living water produces beautiful diagonal crystals.  If water gets sick or dies we can see broken undergrown crystal.  

Dr Emoto found that human consciousness has an effect on the crystal structure of water, which he believed was instantaneous. Water stores memory of every object that it comes in contact with. Every thought or word, with the emotion attached to it interacted with water differently like a unique magnetic code and created either harmonious or irregular patterns.

The water can pick up the vibrations as a result of certain emotions and change its structure accordingly. For instance,  when you say the word “Hope” to water and prepare the frozen crystals from this water, you will observe the creation of beautiful symmetry in the crystals.

This can lead to the conclusion that drinking water with positive emotions such as love can have a positive effect on human health. Similarly, when you expose water to negative feelings such as hate, consuming it can be potentially harmful to your body.

Positive words/good thoughts can bring positive changes to water. Similarly, because nature is soothing and peaceful, the crystals forms with natural spring water were found more symmetrical, well-balanced, and attractive in Emoto’s experiments.

Negative words/mean thoughts can change the structure of water molecules into a disorganized and less appealing form. This suggests that anything unpleasant and distressful can influence the molecular structure of water in a negative way.

It is imperative to treat water with love and care before we use it for drinking purposes. Ultimately, the water will become a part of our bodies, our plants and our environment.

Experiment Two – Do words affect water?

The rice experiment.  He placed 3 jaws of rice and water.  Every day for a month he said ‘thank you’ to the 1st one.  The second one ‘your an idiot’ and the 3rd one he completely ignored.  After one month.  The rice that was thanked had a nice aroma, the second turned black and the rice that was ignored turned black.  The worst sample was the one that was ignored.  The same can be said in our daily lives when dealing with children, the worst thing we can do is to ignore them. Communication is very important.  We should always converse with them and must always encourage them. 

Experiment Three- Do prayers matter with water?

In Montreal at McGill University an experiment was conducted wanting to see if water that was prayed over would stimulate the growth of young seedless more than seeds that were watered with no prayers. The result was that the seedlings that had been watered by water that had been prayed over and blessed had a more vigorous growth rate. Over and over we see around the world prayers play a major role in healing. 

Water is a recorder of frequency and thoughts create a frequency and water is a recorder of these frequencies. It is important to know how we handle water, if we approach with good thoughts and bless it or say thank you. The quality of water will improve and the water will have a positive effect on a person and his body.

Drink water with positive thoughts and intentions. As water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world.

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