Heal Holistically – Interview with Naturotherapist Sergey Esin

April 12, 2022

Today I am interviewing Naturotherapist Sergey Esin who has been healing others for 25 years. He started as a medical doctor in his home country of Russia and now a holistic practitioner in Canada.  I will share his lifework that has helped thousands of people to heal holistically for prolonged health effects. His services offer natural, holistic and herbal medicine, dark field microscopy, fasting, diet therapy, lifestyle counseling and more, are now offered at PURE Holistic.

What is your background?

Sergey Esin is a registered member of Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (ACNN)since 2017. Sergey is an internationally trained health professional, earned his medical degree and PhD degree in medicine in Russia and worked as a doctor at the center of alternative medicine. Sergey moved to Canada with his career and transitioned from medical doctors program to trained holistic health professionals.

What are your beliefs of healing?

  • Identify and treat the cause to heal the whole person.  
  • Safe, natural methods and the power of nature to stimulate force within.  
  • Educate patients and empower self-healing processes.  
  • Disease prevention.

What are the current most popular programs you offer?

  • General health check up
  • Weight loss
  • Skin problems
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Cancer protection

Why did you enter the field of holistic medicine?

I worked as a medical doctor for a long time.  I have learned that I can treat you by prescribing medicine which will take away your symptoms and you will thank me for it.  It is very easy to prescribe medicine but it is not enough. We should work with discovering the root of the disease. Moreover, medicine has two problems: By suppressing symptoms you will suffer with another bigger problem and side effects afterwards.  Understanding that, I have found a lot of ways of doing the same job just by using natural medicine with a holistic approach.  I believe that if you just suppress the symptoms it is not treating you. Symptoms are our defensive reactions. No need to suppress symptoms but help them.

How did your learning change your life?

When you come to understand that everything is different, life changes.  From the university to the hospital I worked in the medical institute. As a typical person I believed that I could treat all with medicine. But eventually this understanding changed.  In order to treat a body we need to ask ourselves lots of questions. Why are we here, what is our mission, what mood sickly impacts on our body, how our body works, how our world works, develops and cell physics?   This pushed me to educate myself further to be able to answer these questions. Remaining a medical doctor would have been easy, more financially profitable as it is easy to prescribe medicine, but this is not the art of medicine. The art of medicine is about balancing your body with natural methods, herbs without side effects and thus becoming more beneficial for everyone in the healing process.  

What type of symptoms can you heal?

I can work with any symptoms because I fully understand why symptoms are arising and how the body works. Due to my experience from working in the hospital in the medical emergency room, I helped people stay alive and as a health practitioner, healing people naturally has given me an advantage in understanding how it works together.

Who are your typical customers?

2 types of customers

  • 90% of customers have tried the traditional old medicine realm and have great knowledge of their symptoms. Usually, they have not been able to fix their symptoms and are looking for new ways of fixing the illness. 
  • 10% do not know what their symptoms are, they want to check their health.

What are the most commonly seen symptoms?

Skin problems, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, duodenitis, cholelithiasis, allergies, asthma, and etc.  Up to 90% of these symptoms could be caused by parasites and by using live blood cell analysis we can see them. A lot of patients come to me already understanding their symptoms and now it becomes more about education and what can be done to find a balance in their lives by lifestyle counseling.  Sometimes it is about changing one small thing in their regular life to make a big health difference.

How long typically does the treatment last?

All types of healing have their own pace.  In general, your life disease can scale as below. 
1 year of symptom = 1 month treatment
10 years of symptom = 10 month treatment

What is the average visit to treat symptoms?

When patients visit me with an acute state, their symptoms will be gone after the first visit. Usually by the 2nd visit the blood is clear and symptoms are gone.  Possible visit in a year with a new problem or referring a friend with the same problem. 

Have you ever tried to heal someone with severe cancer?

Yes. I have treated patients with stage 1 to 4 cancer. I had a client that came to me with stage 4 cancer.  The hospital told her she only had 2 month left to live.  When she came to me the situation was very serious and revised her health records with MDs and suggested that I would do the best that I could.  She agreed.  I proceeded with a very strong natural detoxifying and support program.  This is not magic. I was with her till the end. We were able to increase her period of life 4 times.   

What covid prevention program do you offer?

I offer two covid programs.  Mostly I received patients who had to take the vaccine to keep their employment.  They were in agreement with taking the vaccine but wanted prevention of possible complications and side effects after vaccination. I treated them with special anti-inflammatory herbs that can be taken for 30 days to decrease the level of harmful antibodies.   
The second covid program is to make patients’ immune system ready to meet any infection.

Can you help a patient who is having a hard time getting pregnant?

Yes, first we make a full check up to understand what is the health of the body.  Also, I ask patients to bring all medical records to review.   If there are no medical records I send the patient to a family doctor first.  Each case is different. But in any case, we need to see FSH, LH, estradiol, progesterone, and prolactin hormone’s levels. In addition, the thyroid gland, liver and intestine issues, chronic infection, and autoimmune preconditions have a huge impact on fertility.  We need to investigate and discover where the cause of the problem is.  

What can you say to your future clients?

Every person has weaknesses, locus minoris (lat.) in his health. We get them genetically from our parents; we get them due to lifestyle, stress, food, bad ecology, and etc. These weaknesses can further develop into serious illness and cancer. Come to us and we can help you to find these places, work around them and live a healthy life!

Thank you Sergey for dedicating your life to healing others in a holistic way!

If you wish to have a free telephone consultation and would like to learn more, please feel free to click on below link to reserve your appointment or visit www.PUREHolistic.ca

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